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The Crisalide collection: butterfly-shaped jewels in the sign of rebirth

Jewels meant to be reborn become a promise to keep. This is the most important gift you will want to give yourself. Resolutions taste like broken dreams... they are not enough. Instead, youdo wish to believe, to strongly believe in change and give your life the direction you've always yearned.

Hence, the year 2022 scents of hope and trust. The difficulties and uncertainties of the past year stop being a storm to go through; they turn into experience and the starting point for a new beginning.

Your heart leaps bravely, the right time has come. You have to get out of your chrysalis and take flight as the most beautiful butterfly. The blue sky is the borderlesspage where you can start re-writing your story.

On the other hand, meteorologist Edward Lorenz coined The Butterfly Effect neologism: "It is said that the slightest flapping of a butterfly's wings is able to cause a hurricane on the other side of the world". Every daily decision, every little habit can trigger a big change over time.

It is within this spirit that Mediterranee Passioni have created the Crisalide line. Butterfly-shaped jewelry in gold and silver. A precious gift for all those women who opt for a second chance. Are you ready to choose yourself? Let yourself be conquered by our collection.

How are our butterfly-shaped jewels born?

A butterfly rising to the sun. Her wings become a golden texture. She spins in the air and sees the world from above, free at last. With pain did she come out of her chrysalis. Now she is aware/mindful of her own identity: she is ready to show beauty and strength.

Her flight is like a dance. She lands gracefully on the white sheet and surrenders to eternity. Her true essence will always be kept in the butterfly-shaped jewels created by Maria Alberino, designer and owner of the Mediterranee Passioni Jewelry in Capri Town.

Butterfly jewels: why did Maria decide to give life to the Crisalide collection? It was not by chance; indeed, this small creature carries a precise message: "In all cultures the butterfly is a sign of regeneration.

When someone chooses a piece from our Crisalide collection, they wear their strength and value as if theywere pinching a medal to the chest. Our jewels are designed for women who have rebuilt themselves after facing hard times, and have treasured the experience. Brave women who have developed a strong-willed approach to life and want to have a chance marked onto their skin. An opportunity reminding them where they started from, who they are now and who they wish to become".

The Crisalide jewelry collection is a tribute that Maria has made to her mother Isabella, her business partner in the Mediterranee Passioni project. Two strong women, one representing innovation, the other tradition. Yet, they both share the desire to enhance beauty through one-of-a-kind pieces of high jewelry, creations that embody the various facets of the female soul.

As Maria remarks, "Crisalide is dedicated to my mum, a true example of rebirth and strength. She has always encouraged me to believe in myself and to pursue my dreams. She taught me that difficulties must be overcome and washed away. Any adversity turns into new opportunities, because they are just new challenges to face. Thesecret is to bet on yourself. "

Jewelry bearing the symbol of butterflies: high gold and silver jewelry from Capri Island.

Each model of the Crisalide collection is handcrafted with precious, natural materials according to the tradition of the ancient goldsmith shops. It consists of earrings, rings and pendants with gold and silver frames.

Give a look at our butterfly-shaped jewels: you will notice the variety of details right away. The central body is always decorated with small diamonds. The wings of the models in gold are colored with semiprecious stones: amethyst, turquoise, jasper, agate and mother-of- pearl take on sinuous, elegant shapes. Each of them has a peculiar meaning and reflects the personality of the wearer. And what about the wings of the line in silver? They dress in white, pink and black mother-of-pearl.

Attention to every detail does not escape the skilled eye. The wings seem to move imperceptibly, with delicacy. They caress the skin just like the gentle touch of a butterfly. Instead, the central body almost flexes in the act of taking flight.

The gold butterfly pieces come in different sizes. The silver creations onlyfeature small sizes.

Earrings with butterfly: unusual jewelry with a refined charm

Our butterfly earrings will delight all those women who prefer to adorn themselves with standing out jewels.

How about the peculiarity of these exclusive, handmade creations? They elegantly frame the face showing the butterfly profile. But there is some more to say... We have a surprise for you.

Capri jewels:the novelty welcoming the New Year

We love pampering our customers. Those who choose us, know that we have always tried to satisfy their tastes and needs with a focus on mutual transmission and inspiration.

For the oncoming 2022 the Crisalide collection promises a further development. How? We have introduced a medium size for white mother-of-pearl piecesin both gold and silver. The ideal choice if you want to get noticed through a search for the right balance.

In 2022, rewrite your story: give yourself our butterfly jewels

The symbols of the butterfly are those of rebirth, beauty and feminine grace. This elegant creature has ancestral roots: it was already present in the jewelry of Ancient Egypt. The butterfly is a metaphor for change: from a caterpillar she turns into a chrysalis, then she leaves her shell to soar up in the sky. Just like the human soul, that passes through various stages of transformation and maturation, until you reach a new acceptance of yourself, when you become the master of your own destiny.

With our butterfly-shaped jewelry you will wear a second chance. On the other hand, we are bornto be reborn. Therefore, begin to shine, take a look at the Mediterranee Passioni e-shop and seal a promise with yourself!

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