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Ribelle Model: Jewels for a re-born woman

Crisalide collection by Mediterranee Passioni is enriched with a new style: Ribelle. Would you like to get to know it better? Here's how  you can do it.

In Crisalide collection you can find our latest design: Ribelle

Ribelle. Our new model from Crisalide Collection by Mediterranee Passioni. A name we didn’t choose by chance: it wants to represent the strength and vitality of a woman who rises again

…And not only this. From its chrysalis, the butterfly comes alive and from its wings the beauty of life emerges. Thus, in Mediterranee Passioni collection our Ribelle line becomes an invitation to live with a new lymph, break the mold and follow the heart.

It was the magic of this miracle of nature to inspire our work for Ribelle, different yet always in line with the quality of our Crisalide collection, a hymn to the butterfly, its beauty, elegance and lightness. This is our guideline, our lighthouse and the reason why our customers love Mediterranee Passioni.

Why is our Ribelle style so special?

The new Ribelle line models are made in 18kt gold and diamonds or silver and diamonds, furtherly adorned with other precious stones, including white and black mother-of-pearl, amethyst and amazonite.

The design is simple but elegant, with lines enhancing the beauty of the stones and grasping the essence of nature. A magical nature that transforms the chrysalis into a butterfly.

Likewise, both designers and goldsmiths are able to capture the essence of a re-born woman who lives her own life, communicating her idea of ​​independence, beauty and self-confidence to the whole world.

Each jewel in Ribelle narrates the story of those who wear a jewel that shines like a star in the dark of the night, as a symbol of determination.

So, how about getting to know the secrets that guide us to our hearts?

Let's linger on the new jewels from Ribelle.

Being spoiled for choice is one of the added values ​​of our lines. Why settling for just one jewel when you can have three?

Ribelle makes you wear pendants, rings and earrings which reproduce the lively lines deriving from this idea by Mediterranee Passioni.

The pendants from Preziosa can be worn as a brooch, because that’s how it is: when you choose Chrysalid by Mediterranee Passioni, besides our latest Ribelle, you have four stylistic options to buy yourself a gift or to give it as a present.

But what is different, compared to the other creations in Crisalide collection? For those who love the butterfly-theme, just a glance is enough to realise that there is something innovative. The shapes are soft and rounded, totally different. Yes, because re-birth begins with a rebellion.

A rebellion from what we take for granted, a rebellion from everything that is imposed and never changes, a rebellion from status-quo and everyday life, in a sort, a reaction to what we don't like about our life. That’s why our Crisalide Ribelle line is the only one with a different shape.

And it is from this aesthetic revolution that you can find inspiration for a gift to give as a present to yourself, your friends, your beloved ones and anyone you want to surprise, thanks to the quality of the materials.

As with the other jewels in Crisalide collection by Mediterranee Passioni, everything shines due to the 18-carat gold or silver embellished with diamonds, white or black mother-of-pearl, amazonite and amethyst. All the wisdom of our craftsmen is contained in these jewels.

H2: The other models from Crisalide collection

Ribelle models are the latest creation of a storytelling based on beauty. But this is a just piece of a deep-rooted collection, as we can remind in this article dedicated to the origins of Crisalide.

Here is a key passage:

Crisalide is dedicated to my mother. A true example of re-birth and strength. She always encouraged me to believe in myself and pursue my dreams. She taught me how to overcome hard times and win over them." 

Everything comes to life following the desire of Maria - designer and owner of Mediterranee Passioni – to homage her mother Isabella with jewels embodying innumerable nuances of the feminine soul.

Let's start with Creativa: the pieces are small but notable thanks to amethyst, lapis-lazuli, green agate, amazonite and also white, pink, yellow and black mother-of-pearl. 

If you want to get noticed, there is Decisa, a line in mother-of-pearl and diamonds in both 18kt gold and silver or Preziosa with dendritic agate, lapis-lazuli, malachite and jasper.

Which style do you prefer?

The symbol of rebellion against the rules or that of creativity?

Do you want to get noticed in style?

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