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Luisa, the cat of the Piazzetta di Capri, turns into a jewel: discover “Graffi Capresi”.

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Slipping in between the café tables, walking by the side of tourists and local people with the elegant bearing of a rich lady intent on shopping, she feels at home, mistress of her territory. She is Luisa, the most famous cat of the Piazzetta. With her chubby body, grey fur, sweet face and clear look, she is always cheerful.

Despite her blind eye, she moves with ease and loves her routine. She is the fondest of the customers attending the cafés that give life to the beating heart of Capri. But what are her favorite Cafés? Piccolo and Gran Caffè. She stands still on the threshold of former Bar Vuotto and carefully watches who is going in and who is leaving.

Her attitude reminds that of the café’s owner, Mrs. Luisa Vuotto Strina, who passed away in 2017. The most superstitious ones believe that the woman’s soul transmigrated in that soft body she shares the name with.

After a fast glance at her friend the newsagent, whose shop is located under the Clock Tower, Luisa keeps strolling ahead. She has a precise goal in mind: to reach Mediterranee Passioni Jewelry, owned by entrepreneur Maria Alberino, the descendant of one of the oldest families of jewelers on the island.

Mediterranee Passioni Jewelry: her private living-room

The Shop is located in the heart of Capri Town, where Luisa has found her special spot. She often waits for Maria early in the morning, eager to keep her company. She has her favorite chair at the very entrance and she spends hours resting curled up or letting herself be caressed, thus spreading all her joy. When she awakes from her dreams, she looks at the comings and goings flowing before her eyes.

Sometimes she tries to chase pigeons but, on time, they fly away just before she can catch them. So she returns to the shop with empty paws, at most, with a few feathers. Much better for the cat to be pampered by Maria and by the customers interested in the young lady’s creations.

One-of-a-kind pieces of high jewelry, they are shaped following Maria's creative flair and they intertwine with her feline nature.

Yes, because Luisa, like all the cats of Capri and far beyond, has accurately decided whom to give her love to. She elected Mediterranee Passioni as her second home and chose Maria as her companion-in-adventures. Chance has nothing to do with it. It is an elective soul affinity. Two souls who sought and chose each other.

Maria Alberino: passion for cats and jewels

Maria Alberino is a convinced cat lady. She has always been that sort of woman, even though she adopted her first cat when she was 36. Inside her, she has always felt a special connection with these creatures whose profile is perfect… we would say, majestic.

Since she was a girl, she kept her sister Hermine's cats’ company. But she wasn’t ready yet.

She has always been attracted to these animals. Like divinities with a magnetic gaze, it seems they can read through the deepest feelings.

Then love exploded and Maria welcomed her first cat, Martin, a foundling, a little grumpy too, but very jealous of his mistress. His name evokes Martin Luther King.

That fiery red furry was her first one. Later, Maria adopted several cats. Suddenly, the young woman’s passion for cats ignited the spark and gave her the right impulse to fulfil an idea she had treasured for long: to eternalize all the cats crossing her life and populating the island of Capri.

“Graffi Capresi”: a collection dedicated to the cats of Capri and far beyond the island.

In 2018, entrepreneur and designer, Maria Alberino, gave life to "Graffi Capresi", a cat-shaped jewelry collection in silver, gold and precious stones. Its launch coincided with the opening of Mediterranee Passioni, her first personal project undertaken together with her mother Isabella. In this way Maria bet on herself taking advantage of the long experience acquired by creating jewels for the family business.

"Graffi Capresi" wants to celebrate the freedom of cats and their uniqueness. Its originality sets this collection apart from the style of classic jewelry. It consists of nine models in different versions. The latest creation is "Luisa", inspired by the most famous cat of the Piazzetta and now the shop's mascot.

Maria points out: "Our cat-shaped jewels embody the feline free spirit, so similar to women’s independence. Not only that. Cats represent the strength of the human bond with these creatures. People will recognize the cat they love in our jewels and they will always take it with them, on their skin ".

Handcrafted and luxury jewelry.

"Graffi Capresi" jewels are designed by Maria and have a peculiar story defining their identity. The variety of choice offered by this collection meets the tastes and needs of each customer: there are pendants, charms for bracelets and earrings available in both silver and gold.

Skilled goldsmith hands create cat-bodies in black and white agate, jasper and smoky quartz, carnelian and tiger's eye. All pieces are set in silver and gold frames. Each of them is embellished with one or more diamonds placed on the neck and on the tail. The selection of colored stones has a precise meaning and reflects the original fur of the cats that inspired Maria. The whole work is made by hand respecting the tradition of the ancient goldsmith shops.

But what about the immediate sensation watching these jewels? Well, they conquer the beholder. Simple but refined, they are wearable at any time of the day and adapt to any situation. They embody the beauty and unpredictability of the feline essence that makes you fall in love step by step and a little more every day. Just like the cat of your heart or the woman of your life.

The new “Luisa” model, the mascot of Mediterranee Passioni.

Luisa has become the new entry of "Graffi Capresi". Maria has enclosed the cat’s timeless elegance in a delicate jewel, a model that is a small work of art: a smoky quartz body with a silver or gold setting. Available in the pendant version, charms for bracelets and earrings.

Whoever wears the Luisa model is always chic. It expresses refinement, strength and femininity. It is a masterpiece of jewelry to show off in the office, at aperitif time or for an elegant dinner. A piece that shows itself but, at the same time, reflects the tastes and the style of people who prefer a more discreet look. The sort of jewel that captivates anyone look after look.

“Graffi Capresi” collection: jewels that tell about love and celebrate freedom.

In this article we have presented the new style from “Graffi Capresi": Luisa.

But not only that. We have opened a window on our history. Our cat-shaped jewels speak without saying a word. They embody the spirit of the most famous cats of Capri island and reveal the essence of each feline creature.

Would you like to discover the other models from our collection?

Take a look at our e-shop or write to us. With “Graffi Capresi” you will always take your cat with you, close to your soul.

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