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The Mediterranee Passioni logo is a woman nestled in between tradition and innovation

Two letters, one meaning, our story to tell. The "I" stretches and defines the "M", two

signs that touch each other until they blend. Two signs that create a bond and yet keep preserving their uniqueness. Two signs that change their order and shape the Mediterranee Passioni logo.

This symbol embodies the identity of our brand and makes us recognizable, thus becoming the first contact, an ajar door, to display our work. What do we do? We make handmade jewels in Capri. The Mediterranee Passioni jewellery shop is located just a few steps from the Piazzetta.

Our hallmark? A perfect balance between antique and modern. The impulse given by the long experience gained in the family jewelry made us dare and develop an unmistakable personal style.

We look to the past and embrace the future with a specific goal: our collections, one-of-a-kind pieces of high jewelry, witness the essence of a Woman, a woman able to move with the times and highlighted by a thousand shades, active and strong-willed in her passions and experiences.

With us, the purchase of a jewel - from coral to diamonds - becomes transmission, contamination and mutual inspiration. Give a look at our logo, caress it with your fingers. Behind its elegant, soft lines, you will find out values ​​and ideals. But now it's time to discover the Mediterranee Passioni logo.

How was the Mediterranee Passioni logo designed?

Creating the Mediterranee Passioni logo was a natural process: a creative flash of Maria Alberino, the entrepreneur, designer and owner of the jewelry in the center of Capri.

On the white paper-sheet the "I" first came to life, stretching out like a root in search of the soil. Then, the line rose up, widened its trait and gently swayed into an "M" which, strong in its curves, dared overcome the linear, known boundaries. Finally, a touch of blue, reminiscent of the sea of ​​Capri, lit up the two letters.

Mother and daughter: tradition and innovation

It was spontaneity to give voice to the heart, because these signs communicate a double meaning: they are the initials of Maria and her mother, Isabella. Together they created the Mediterranee Passioni project.

The unbreakable love between a mother and a daughter has turned into professional partnership. Maria and Isabella influence and complement each other. Thanks to their sensitive, enterprising attitude, they succeeded in intercepting trends, tastes and needs of women of all ages.

Isabella is the voice of the local roots and traditions. Maria embodies innovation, well aware that <<we must not deny the past, but treasure, rework and project it towards the future with fluidity>>. These two components in perfect harmony are reflected in our high jewelry collections: Capri Bloom, Graffi Capresi and Crisalide.

Luna and Faraglioni: strength and beauty

Is there anything left? Yes, a second interpretation of the Mediterranee Passioni logo. Look away, watch lines and colors just like you would in front of a painting and leave room for imagination: like our creations, the stylized Faraglioni will take shape, while kissed by the moonlight.

Ph. Andrea Costa

What is the message hidden in these two elements? The Faraglioni of Capri symbolize both strength and the island itself, muse of our jewels. The Moon is a natural feminine emanation of beauty, a magnetic beauty that we have enclosed in our handcrafted jewels. It is never the same as itself. Sometimes it strikes right away, sometimes it requires finding out.

The name Mediterranee Passioni: jewels of Capri

The name Mediterranee Passioni jewelry finalizes the logo: two words revealing the soul of the company: passion. Passion comes to light and is modelled through the creation of unique high jewelry pieces from Capri. This spark does not end, it is transmitted in a constant flow, a flame destined to burn.

Those who buy our jewels do not just receive an object. There is much more: it is a flow of emotions, knowledge and skills that are perceived and transformed into a lasting relationship. Therefore, who chooses us lives a genuine experience and a moment of mutual influence. Become a source of inspiration to create new models.

The Mediterranean Sea, on the other hand, is where we belong, a crossroads of cultures exactly like Capri. Living and working on this island fuels imagination, disposes to cultural exchanges and blends that stream into works of art.

An all-female team that has chosen eco-sustainability

Our mission is to celebrate the female soul through our handmade jewelry. It is not by chance that our team is made up of women only. Team-spirit is our strength.

We know how to read nuances, we adapt to changes right away and transform them into new opportunities. We want to be a constant point of reference for our customers, not only in the summer. For this reason, the shop will always be open, even in winter.

Furthermore, our accredited business, strong in the sensitivity to the environment, has opted for sustainable choices: the packaging used for our jewels, are made with ecofriendly materials.

The Mediterranee Passioni logo: a window on the soul

In this article we told you what is hidden behind the Mediterranee Passioni logo: there is family, passion, beauty and love for our work. Do you wish to know more about us and our handmade jewels in Capri? Take a look at the Mediterranee Passioni online shop and let yourself be enchanted by our exclusive collections.

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