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From the family business to personal and original collections, the island’s latest jewellery boutique focuses on the message that a jewel can hold for the wearer.

Passions are cultivated by observing the world around us: growing up in a family that runs a historical high-jewellery company among the multiple shades of the island of Capri has allowed entrepreneur and Caprese designer, Maria Alberino, to introduce herself to the public with her «personal» Mediterranee Passioni.


Her own path

«In 2017, I decided to offer my original creations alongside the family’s traditional high-end coral jewellery because I have a different way of looking at things which includes the idea that a jewellery item should represent a person’s soul and how they view life.» And this outlook is translated in the creations the entrepreneur designs so that each item allows the wearer’s personality and passions to emerge.


The idea behind the brand

Speaking of passions, Maria Alberino reveals that her boutique Mediterranee Passioni, «was so named to represent the most distinctive side of women: their passions. Moreover, our logo is a combination of mine and my mother’s initials since she supports me in realizing all the new ideas I have introduced. In fact, the letter I in the logo design represents the root of tradition and evolves into my M. Capri’s Faraglioni have also been stylized into the logo in a similar form to my creations.»


The collections

The bond between woman and Capri can be perfectly perceived in the collection entitled Capri Bloom, whose models represent the flora found on the island in spring and summer. Flowers like bougainvillea, broom and jasmine are portrayed with amethyst, citrine, diamond and mother-of-pearl.

The Graffi Capresi and Crisalide  collections are also particular and original. The former consists of items meant to represent the strong bond between cat lovers and their pets, while the latter entrusts the jewel itself with the task of representing the rebirth and fulfilment of the woman who owns it.

A special bond with the clientele

The decision to make jewellery the bearer of profound messages has had a particular effect on the feedback that Maria Alberino receives from her customers. «When a customer, that I may have met only ten minutes earlier, grasps the sense of my collections, an air of familiarity is installed and she often shares with me her personal story that my models have evoked. This occurs more frequently with the Crisalide collection  Crisalide  but also with Graffi Capresi:each creation comes with a leaflet about the cat that inspired it and the customer often finds similarities with her own feline pet and sees it in the jewel.»

Empathy is an essential characteristic for Maria Alberino, both in the creative phase and when meeting those interested in her items who will receive a happy welcome from the lady of the house and …. Luisa, Mediterranee Passioni’s feline mascot.

Michele Di Sarno

Credit: Costantino Esposito

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