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Jewelery for Christmas: choose a precious gift

Gift ideas for your Christmas jewels: select your gift here

Choosing a jewel for Christmas is always an excellent idea. This is the best way to tell your dear ones, relatives, friends or soul mate that you love them. It's the right spirit in a cheerful period like the one that's about to come. But it's not easy to make up your mind.

Imagine this: you are at sitting at the table with your loved ones, there is a magical atmosphere and everyone is waiting for their gifts. You want to amaze, but above all you wish the gift to be appreciated by those who receive it.

Do you prefer a pendant, some earrings or charms? Here's our proposal: choose gold and silver jewels that tell a story, convey feelings and create memories.

What are you waiting for? Surprise the one you love, find jewels under the Christmas tree. This is the right time to remain in the hearts of our beloved, in a magical moment.

If you don't know which jewel to offer as a gift, you can follow these tips: we know the features of our handmade jewels. They are unique pieces representing the perfect combination of tradition and innovation, creations enhancing female beauty and more. 

Graffi Capresi, the gift for cat lovers

Quali gioielli scegliere per un regalo natalizio? Quelli che veicolano dei valori speciali. Se vuoi fare un dono a chi ama gli animali noi abbiamo la soluzione: la collezione Graffi Capresi. I gioielli lavorati a mano secondo la tradizione delle botteghe orafe sono declinati in:

Nothing is left to chance with our jewels. Bodies in black and white agate, jasper and smoky quartz, carnelian and tiger eye are accurately mounted in silver and gold settings. To grant a touch of brightness a magical detail emerges: one or more diamonds on the cat’s neck and tail.

Try to figure out the surprise and the joy in the eyes of someone who, by opening the gift under the Christmas tree, finds a jewel reproducing their the beloved pet.

What else, but a special moment? That’s because the stones have got a peculiar meaning and reflect the original feline coat.

Each model bears a name and a story. Like, for instance, the Luisa line: it is inspired by the most popular cat in the Piazzetta di Capri and the mascot of Mediterranee Passioni jewelry store. 

The jewels from Graffi Capresi collection represent all the cats that have bumped into the life of our designer, Maria Alberino. A part of the incomes from this collection is addressed to “I migliori amici”, an Association which takes care of less fortunate furry friends living on the island of Capri.

Crisalide, a special jewel for her

Christmas jewels witness a flow of feelings and memories: they can be the promise of a new beginning and inaugurate a new life stage. On the other hand, Christmas holidays coincide with the end of the year: we crown it all with a toast under the fir tree and a special gift. Which one, for instance? Well, the Crisalide collection is perfect for a new beginning.

The jewels are designed to evoke a butterfly, a symbol of rebirth and feminine strength. Here are some ideas for those who wish to give a gift to be unwrapped together with their closest friends or relatives:

The butterfly comes out of her chrysalis and flies towards the sky aware of her beauty and skills. But what is this high jewelry line made of? Butterfly-shaped gold pendants, earrings and rings. Each creation is embellished with diamonds and mother-of-pearl stones, carnelian, lapislazuli, amethyst, jasper, green agate stones and amazonite.

On our silver models, green agate, amazonite, amethyst or white, pink and black mother-of-pearl are set and enriched with a small diamond. The Crisalide collection is ideal to reward yourself with a gift or for a present to a colleague, a mate, in a sort, one you care about.

Original ideas with Capri Bloom

Giving jewels as Christmas presents is always a good idea, especially when you do it with your heart… and our Capri Bloom collection is perfect for a special gift. In fact, it takes inspiration from the Flora of the island: delicate, colourful and never unnoticed.

Can you figure out the following scenario?

We are sitting at our table, Christmas has come and all the presents are under the fir tree, ready to be unwrapped by the children. The atmosphere is sparkling and when your turn arrives, happiness becomes amazement. It is the effect produced by Capri Bloom line from Mediterranee Passioni… and we know it!

This is because our Capri Bloom is among the most requested gift ideas, being made of pieces of high jewelry. Here you can choose from gold rings to earrings and pendants, set with diamonds and precious stones. The leitmotif, however, is always that of Capri flowers and their power, able to cheer up the festive days.

Turquoise symbolizes hydrangea, mother-of-pearl, jasmine, lapis-lazuli, forget-me-not, and amethyst bougainvillea.

Who should you give a flower-shaped jewel to?

The answer is, to your sweetheart, to your mother or to your sister. Also, it will be a perfect gift to seal a special friendship.

Would you like some examples? You are spoiled for choice:

It is a tailor-made gift, where each flower reflects a personality. For example, a turquoise ring inspired by hydrangea meets the tastes of an unconventional woman who wants to feel the vitality of the spring season, even when we are in the middle our Christmas holidays, sitting around a table with our friends, relatives and loved ones.

Precious jewel-gifts for Christmas.

Our one-of-a-kind pieces of high jewelery will make the person you love overjoyed with a gift that does not go unnoticed, sealed in a totally magical moment.

If you are looking for an unrepeatable gift, take a look at High Jewelery section in our online store.

Turquoise, coral and diamonds are the absolute protagonists here. Together they give life to necklaces, earrings, rings and brooches. You can also choose unique pieces in white and yellow gold. Of course, you are spoiled for choice.

But how to choose the best gift?

We can help you, we know our jewels because they arise from our ideas, dreams and projects. But above all, they are the result of our passions.

Ask for a free consultation to choose your Christmas gift.

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