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A jewel for Christmas: precious gifts under fir trees

Fir trees, decorations everywhere, Christmas jingles echoing in the streets, theme-adorned shop windows, the scent of homemade cookies, children dreaming of a sleigh flying in the sky. Well, the most awaited festivity of the year is approaching and the exchange of greetings turns into a sweet melody that never stops giving a smile.

The atmosphere is as light and soft as a hug and you can almost touch love.

On the other hand, this is the ideal time to show your affection. But how to shape love? What's the most meaningful way to tell your dearest ones that you care for them? You can give them jewels for the Christmas holidays, more precisely, Mediterranee Passioni Jewels. And those who receive such precious gifts will feel special, for sure!

If you still don't know which present to buy for Christmas, let yourself be enchanted by our handmade Capri jewels. One-of-a-kind pieces, the perfect combination between tradition and innovation, ornaments enhancing female beauty… and much more.

Our gold and silver earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants tell a story, convey feelings and create memories. So, what are you waiting for? Surprise who you love, let them find jewels under the Christmas tree. Do you need some advice? Discover our gift ideas.

Graffi Capresi: cat-shaped jewelry, a precious gift for cat lovers.

Christmas jewelry carrying their own meaning. Actually, Graffi Capresi collection responds to this subjective need and will delight all those who are fond of our soft furry friends.

The collection is based on handcrafted cat-shaped jewels made according to the tradition of the ancient goldsmith shops. The models are available in a variety of styles: pendants and charms for bracelets or earrings.

Stylized bodies in black and white agate, jasper and smoky quartz, carnelian and tiger's eye are embedded in silver and gold. And for a touch of brightness, one or more diamonds on the neck and tail.

Nothing is left to chance. The stones have a precise meaning and reflect the original cat’s coat. Each model has a name and a story defining its identity. The latest creation is Luisa inspired by the most famous cat in the Piazzetta of Capri and now the mascot of Mediterranee Passioni Jewelry.

The Graffi Capresi collection was created by our designer, Maria Alberino, to celebrate the freedom of cats along with their uniqueness. Each piece is the result of an experience deriving from the felines that have bumped into her life.

What effect will this precious gift sort out? The look of your dearest one will be brightened by a special light. She will recognize her cat in the jewel and bring it close to her heart.

Give a jewel at Christmas: find out the Capri Bloom collection, namely, Capri flowers, under your fir tree.

How about choosing flowers as Christmas presents? Flowers that never wither. Yes, they do become jewels for Christmas. Our Capri Bloom line is inspired by the flora of the territory… delicate, colorful and all but unnoticed, especially during the fair season.

Particularly during the summer, the island turns into a colorful, scented garden. Everywhere you can breathe beauty, the same beauty reflected in our models and personifying every woman. The Capri Bloom line by Mediterranee Passioni displays high jewelry pieces: rings, earrings and pendants in gold, enriched with diamonds and precious stones in bright colors meant to convey joy. Each item is a flower from Capri. The turquoise stone symbolizes hydrangea, the mother-of-pearl stands for jasmine, the lapis-lazuli symbolizes forget-me-not, the amethyst embodies bougainvillea and the carnelian refers to geranium.

But who can be the addressee of a flower-shaped jewel for Christmas? Your sweetheart, mother, sister or friend. It is a tailor-made gift and each flower reflects the personality of the wearer. For instance, a turquoise ring, inspired by hydrangea, meets the tastes of a woman who does not undergo social conventions and is happy to feel the spring vitality on her skin all year round.

For the oncoming Christmas there is also a little surprise: Capri Bloom has been completed with some models in silver.

Christmas jewelry for her: Crisalide is the promise of a new beginning.

Christmas jewels witness a passage of feelings and memories, but there is more. These luxury accessories can also be the promise of a new beginning and inaugurate a new phase of one’s personal life. With the Crisalide (Chrysalis) collection our jewels turn into butterflies, symbols of rebirth and feminine strength.

A rebirth that looks to the future with confidence. Actually, the butterfly comes out of its cocoon and flies fearlessly to the sky, aware of its beauty and skills.

But how is this handmade high jewelry from Capri made up?

On display just before your eyes you will see gold butterfly-shaped pendants, earrings and rings. Moreover, each creation is embellished with diamonds and stones in mother-of-pearl, carnelian, lapis-lazuli, amethyst and jasper. On the silver models, instead, only white, pink and black mother-of-pearl are set with the addition - even in this combination - of a little diamond.

The Crisalide collection jewels signed by Mediterranee Passioni are another ideal choice for a gift. Pamper yourself and live this Christmas in the name of rebirth. Remember: it's never too late to start glowing while facing and winning new challenges.

Unique pieces of high jewelry to give as gifts for Christmas.

Apart from the jewels in our collections, we want to give you some more suggestions on what to donate for Christmas. If you are looking for a unique gift, take a look at the High Jewelry section on our online store.

Turquoise, coral and diamonds reign here and give life to refined necklaces, earrings, rings and brooches in turquoise and white coral in the shapes of flowers and hearts. One-of-a-kind pieces in white and yellow gold that are just waiting for the right woman to be worn.

Hoop earrings for every occasion: jewels with an evergreen charm.

This Christmas we want to give you a special gift. We have created a collection of hoop earrings. A must that never goes out of style. This model keeps being a fashion maker: indeed, it crosses fashion and enhances the beauty of women of all ages.

The Mediterranee Passioni hoop earrings have distinctive features: they are all in yellow gold and they are available in different sizes. What about the style? Well, it is classic and modern at the same time. This makes them perfect to be worn every day, with a carefree spirit, without leaving elegance aside, though.

But surprises aren’t over yet. To satisfy everyone's needs we have also created men's hoop earrings. A special gift idea that will make your “him” feel important, too.

Jewels for Christmas: emotions and memories with Mediterranee Passioni.

Giving jewelry for Christmas means sealing deep bonds and creating memories that will always remain vivid. Make your choice, visit our online shop. Give shape and body to your feelings.

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