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Pendant in the shape of a hot air balloon

Pendant in the shape of a hot air balloon


Hot-air balloon-shaped pendant W@nder collection


“The Northern Lights set in the Rock”, that’s the way Labradorite, the protagonist of this pendant, is defined in Inuit legends.

It is particularly appreciated for its “labradorescence”, that is, the hypnotic iridescence created by the light refraction that enter in the gem and creates sparkling flashes of color, from yellow to green and blue, unique in each stone.


- 925 sterling silver pendant

- labradorite

- pink tourmaline ct 0,20

- enhancer pendant

- length 1,69 inches including hook

- width 0,90 inches hook 23mm width


This jewel is handmade in natural stones by our master goldsmiths. Any imperfection is a part of the uniqueness of the piece.


Made in Italy