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Hot air balloon pendant in silver

Hot air balloon pendant in silver


Hot-air balloon-shaped pendant W@nder collection


The main element of this pendant is the Crazy Lace Agate.

Thanks to its natural shaping process, each stone is featured by a peculiar pattern symbolizing the uniqueness of the wearer's journey.

The Crazy Lace Agate is exclusively found in the Chihuahua area of ​​Mexico. Native people used it to enhance courage and perseverance.

Also known as Happy Agate, this stone brings joy to the person who wears it.


- 925 sterling silver pendant

- crazy lace

- Pink tourmaline ct 0,20

- enhancer pendant

- length 1,69 inches including hook

- width 0,90 inches hook 23mm width

This jewel is handmade in natural stones by our master goldsmiths. Any imperfection is a part of the uniqueness of the piece.


Made in Italy