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The latest creations by Mediterranee Passioni between the sea of ​​Capri and… Luisa

In her exclusive jewellery, Maria Alberino presents the newest models from her top collections, assisted by a special guest.

Actually, most 2021 summer’s creations, brand-named by Capri Isle, also pass through the inspirations that the very same island offers to such designers and artists as Maria Alberino, owner of Mediterranee Passioni, a Boutique that brightens Via Roma, the main street in the heart of the Town Centre, leading to the famous Piazzetta.

The Sea re-decorates the Best Seller

The Crisalide collection sold like hot cakes in this first part of mostly-gone-by summer. <<The models in white Mother-of-Pearl are back in production, because they are all out of stock>>, says Maria Alberino, thus proving the validity of her idea of letting the jewel itself tell about true stories of regained birth and strength.

The news, however, are not finished. This collection includes another model. <<We made a lapis lazuli version, in deep blue colour with white streaks, as to remind the ripples of Capri sea, which holds its incredible fascination even on the rare times it is stormy.>>

Luisa. Profession: Sales Assistant

When you take a stop at Mediterranee Passioni, what will strike you the most is the originality of the jewel collections on display. Above all, Graffi Capresi, whose models underline the link between cat-lovers and their felines: spellbound by so much love, the cat Luisa appeared in the Boutique and soon became the brand's mascot.

<<Actually, she chose us>> - explains designer Maria Alberino _<<So, it was our duty to homage her with a smoky quartz piece mounted on yellow gold or gold plated silver. As for the diamond version, it contains the detail of Luisa’s fancy brown tail, too. This model is available in all its varieties: pendants, earrings and charms.>>

Limited edition

The other successful collection by Mediterranee Passioni is Capri Bloom, a tribute to Capri endemic Flora. In particular, Ortensia is a limited edition designed by Maria Alberino. It embellishes the whole line with a carpet-bracelet and a pair of garland-earrings, both oriented towards higher jewelry. <<Ortensia is among the most popular and we have decided to enlarge these creations, using bigger diamonds and a different processing technique to enrich the other models, too.>>

And just as if these new creations weren't enough to whet the curiosity of both the regular and the new clientele of Mediterranee Passioni, Maria Alberino reveals that she will soon present some important - and very precious – pieces. Michele Di Sarno Credits: Costantino Esposito

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