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Jewelry for Cat's Day: Celebrate love with our Martin and Milly models

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

February is a cold month with a warm heart. It is the month of Universal Love. It only lasts 28 days but it is full of events celebrating feelings in all forms: Valentine's Day, (that is, Lovers’ Day), Saint Faustino’s, (i.e. the singles’ anniversary), then there is Cat’s Day

In Italy the latter is held on February 17th and it is a very special day for our furry friends. It reminds us of our devotion to them, but not only that... It is a time to celebrate the independent nature of the very same felines, creatures endowed with a magnetic charm. Although incredibly affectionate, they never give up on freedom. They show their character without any fear of judgment.

The bond between humans and cats has no masters. Both choose each other as life companions. As time passes by, we learn to feel and respect them. They teach us an important lesson: to love means to recognize differences and accept them.

On the other hand, the beauty of love is being able to appreciate the others’ diversity. In fact, it is difference that makes every living creature unique. Through this very spirit Mediterranee Passioni is going to celebrate the purest feeling of all. That’s why we have chosen the anniversary dedicated to our four-legged friends.

Discover our Cat's Day jewels.

Precious gifts that will make all cat lovers happy... and they will also be perfect for Valentine's Day!

We have chosen the Martin and Milly models for you.

Graffi Capresi and the Martin style

The Martin model is part of our Graffi Capresi collection. A cat-shaped jewelry line, born out of the creative flair of designer Maria Alberino, to celebrate the freedom of cats and their uniqueness.

Each piece is inspired by the felines that have gone through her life.

Stylized shapes in black and white agate, jasper and smoky quartz, carnelian and tiger's eye are set in silver or gold frames. One or more diamonds placed on neck and tail, elegantly enhance the beauty of those who choose them.

Martin is Maria's first cat. He is also the first cat-jewel in her collection. His name is an homage to Martin Luther King, given his rebellious nature, he is always ready to protest and fight for the ones he loves.

A blue-eyed foundling

Like all of Maria’s cats, Martin is a foundling: a hot, red-furry feline with blue eyes. By growing up, the color of his eyes has changed, but they still remain lively and full of affection.

Martin has a slim, toned body. His exuberant character is reflected in a proud attitude: he loves running out and about the house.

Maria’s home is his instinctive space and he is very jealous of his human Mum. But there's more: to show his love to her, he nibbles on her dressing gown and rubs her legs.

A carnelian body embraced by silver and gold

Martin has inspired a one-of-a-kind ornament of high Caprese jewelry, shaped by the skilled hands of our goldsmiths. His stylized body in carnelian is enclosed in a silver or gold frame.

The color of the stone reflects the radiant fur of the animal. In the gold version, white diamonds embellish both the neck and the tail..

The piece is also available in pendants, charms for bracelets and earrings. If you wish to offer a jewel on Cat's Day, this is the ideal gift for those who are fond of red-haired felines and their exuberant and protective character

Milly, a true born rock star

Milly, a sweet, curious, cheerful and reckless kitten. She used to be in the spotlight by doing some pranks. She was a Calico cat. About her fur, well, it was a mosaic of colors: white, red and brindle striped with a mole on her lower lip. Her amber eyes could penetrate the soul of anyone crossing her gaze.

She flew to the rainbow bridge too soon. She lived less than 8 months but left an indelible imprint on Maria's life, who recalls: "Milly was born on the same day as my birthday and she was the best gift I could have received. What struck me was her curiosity: she always had her moustache blackened, because she used to check all that was frying in the pan."

A cheerful and sweet kitten. She loved being pampered by Maria at all costs. Even if it meant interrupting her daily errands. She liked sleeping on her Mum's pillow and waking her up with a purring sound

A jasper body with a silver or gold frame

Milly keeps on living through the model which bears the same name. A jasper body with a silver or gold frame. The nuances and stripes of the stone are a reminder of her spotted fur.

In the gold version, a small diamond embellishes the neck. The tail is studded with fancy brown diamonds.

Like Martin, the Milly model is part of Graffi Capresi and is available in pendants, charms for bracelets and earrings.

How about opting for a jewel to surprise your loved ones on Cat's Day? Milly is perfect for people who appreciate tricolor cats and their fond and lively character.

Cat-shaped jewels to spread the purest of feelings

Milly and Martin are the pieces we have chosen to celebrate the Cat’s Festival.

What a re you waiting for? Visit our Mediterranee Passioni

e-shop and give as a gift a symbol of true love, the one regardless of either labels or borders.

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