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Cat-shaped pendant in gold and diamonds: the one-of-a-kind Ivan model

And here comes the cat who will steal your heart to never return it again. Cat lovers know what it is like: each of our furry creatures ​​is unique… the love we feel for them is boundless, but there will always be a “sweet-eyed swab” destined to leave an indelible mark. He will knock with insistence on the threshold of memories and curl up in the heat, nestled in a corner of the soul.

It is exactly what happened with Ivan, a flaming red coat feline who warmed the lives of Maria Alberino, our designer, and Ciro De Riso, her life-partner and wood sculptor.

It was a short, intense meeting. Yet, it sealed an everlasting bond.

Ivan flew to the rainbow bridge too early, at only eleven months, but he became immortal: Mediterranee Passioni has embodied his essence in a cat-shaped pendant in gold and diamonds, an handmade limited edition on display in the Graffi Capresi line.

His silhouette, along with the Faraglioni Rocks, was chosen to inaugurate the collection-brochure, whereas his jewel declination brightens the shop-window of our store in Capri Town.

An authentic piece of fine jewelry as a never-ending reminder of your special cat.

How about discovering the Ivan model? You will fall in love at first sight.

Ivan's story:

an unexpected meeting that warmed up the lives of Maria and Ciro

Ivan was a foundling with coppery and brindle hair. His amber-color eyes were lovely. He entered Maria and Ciro’s lives in an unexpected way, just like a ray of sunshine after the storm.

In 2018, a four-month-old kitten was rushed to hospital in Naples… a kick had broken his diaphragm.

The little animal’s life was tied to a thread but his survival instinct proved stronger. Actually, he passed the operation successfully and the couple offered to take him back to Capri. In the waiting room time was marked by an incessant meow: Ivan’s character was noticed at once!

That call of love also accompanied them on the return journey. After his convalescence in their own house, it was time to say goodbye to Ivan. Yet, with a look full of awareness, Maria and Ciro told everything to each other. The decision was made. Ivan would become part of the family: he became the first cat they had adopted together.

Hence, that kitten, miraculously survived to a terrible destiny, began a second life.

And now, speaking about his distinctive features… Friendliness, affectionand vivacity. Ivan loved cuddles. He loved to receive them and he was always eager to give them in return. He liked "making pasta", a gesture of tenderness that he only reserved to those he was really fond of.

For this reason, he couldn’t but be called Giovanni, after Giovanni Rana, a famous pasta maker. Eventually, the Russian equivalent, Ivan, won. That name mirrored his incredibly vital character and it also recalled the dynamic temperament of the Russian tsar bearing the same name.

A "cuddly" cat falling asleep in his mama’s hair

When Maria sat on the sofa, there was no shortage of kisses and head-butting. Ivan waited for the evening so that he could fall asleep on the head of his human mother. He slowly took possession of the pillow while his purring turned into a lullaby.

On the other hand, when Maria and Ciro invited friends for dinner, he welcomed them looking for caresses and attention.

One of his favorite hobbies: walking on the beach in Marina Piccola.

Ivan was a singular cat. He liked following Ciro on the beach in Marina Piccola. They wandered side by side as the Faraglioni Rocks got closer. Occasionally their stroll was interrupted by tourists fascinated by Ivan’s sweetness. He enjoyed fame, not to count being photographed and picked up in people’s arms.

Once they had reached their destination, Ivan watched Ciro collect some pieces of wood abandoned by the waves. Without disturbing, the cat wondered what shape those inanimate objects would take in the sculptor’s skilled hands guided by his artistic inspiration. He patiently waited for Ciro to finally enjoy the sun and the sea breeze with him.

Another of his favorite pastimes was playing out and about: he used to run in and out of a cardboard house that Ciro had built for him and chase the tails of the other furry pets in the house.

Falling in love with Ivan was so easy. Forgetting him was and is impossible.

The Ivan model: a stylized body in white gold and diamondsThe Ivan model is a cat-shaped pendant in gold and diamonds that our goldsmiths have made in a limited edition. It is part of the Graffi Capresi collection: a cat-shaped jewelry line designed out of the creative flair of our designer, Maria Alberino, to celebrate the freedom and uniqueness that only felines can transmit.

Each handmade creation is inspired by the cats who have been part of Maria’s life.

Stylized shapes in black and white agate, jasper and smoky quartz, carnelian and tiger's eye are embedded in silver and gold settings. One or more diamonds show up on the neck and the tail.

Diamonds become absolute protagonists

The Ivan model, just like the inspiring cat, is a one-of-a-kind piece: diamonds take the place of other precious stones and become the absolute protagonists. In fact, the white gold frame encloses a pavè of diamonds that attracts everybody’s attention and enhances both the face and the eyes.

This creation is available in two different sizes: the classic 3.18 carats and the extra-large 14.90 carats. The stylized body in diamonds is the result of a precise choice: the precious stones symbolize the stars and Ivan is the brightest star in the paradise of cats.

A cat-shaped pendant in gold and diamonds as a reminder of the uniqueness of your four-legged friend

Our limited edition “diamond & gold cat-pendant” is the perfect gift for a woman who loves sophistication and wants to keep alive the memory of her pet.

If you also wish to take a look at the other models in the Graffi Capresi collection, visit our e-shop.

It is your turn, now: tell us about the cat who stole your heart.

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