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Capri Bloom: flower-shaped jewels symbolizing spring and feminine beauty

With the arrival of spring, the island turns into a colorful garden. Flowers bloom among the cliffs and greet the sea, dotting the meadows like a sky full of stars. Scents and colors dress up alleys and paths or paint sun-kissed pergolas and courtyards. You can breathe beauty everywhere, a beauty that finally blossoms after the long winter time.

Mediterranee Passioni wishes to celebrate the arrival of the gorgeous Caprese season. Are you wondering how? Well, we have embodied the delicacy and charm of Capri flowers in our hand-crafted jewels.

The skilled hands of our goldsmiths have given life to Capri Bloom collection. The line is inspired by the Flora of the territory and enhances feminine beauty, which is so close to that of a flower: gentle and elegant, yet always different for those who know how to grasp its nuances.

We have chosen the Bougainvillea and the Geranio models. It is up to you now to welcome spring in a stylish way and let yourself be conquered by our flower-shaped jewels.

Capri Bloom collection by Mediterranee Passioni: precious flower-jewels to wear.

Capri Bloom line has been created by our designer Maria Alberino. The strokes of her pencil draw sinuous shapes, whereas bright colors enliven the petals. From paper to matter: pendants, earrings and rings in gold and diamonds find concreteness.

One-of-a-kind pieces of fine Capri jewelry wrap precious stones with a precise aim: embodying feminine essence, thus reflecting the wearer’s characteristics.

Every stone symbolizes a flower: carnelian for the geranium; turquoise for the hydrangea; amethyst for the bougainvillea; citrine for the broom; white coral for the May-rose; mother-of-pearl for the jasmine; lapis lazuli for the "forget-me-not”; red coral for the poppy.

Each flower-shaped piece becomes a sweet reminder of Capri flora to take with you. But not only that. Our creations embrace the splendor and the vitality of the island, which coincide with female beauty and are released any time our little masterpieces are worn", remarks Maria.

The Bougainvillea model: gold, amethyst and diamond jewelry

Among the flowers of Capri, the bougainvillea blooms in every corner of the island. It is not native to the territory, but has become one of its symbols par excellence. It adorns the white colonnade in Piazza Diaz, best known as “the Funicular Terrace”. This plant used to welcome tourists by showing itself near the ancient gateway to the Town Centre, a few steps from the Piazzetta.

The bougainvillea is a South-American climbing-plant belonging to the Nictaginacea family. It was discovered in 1768 by the French explorer Louis Antoine de Bougainvillea during one of his expeditions to Brazil. Struck by its bright colors, the man decided to import it to Europe, where it found its most fertile soil along the Mediterranean coasts.

Due to Capri’s hot, humid climate, the plant spread all over at once. But what about its distinctive feature? Color brightness: white, yellow, orange, pink, red and purple. The latter, in particular, can be admired on the Blue Island.

One of the most evocative spots teeming with bougainvillea flowers is Tragara, the street where romance and history are the absolute masters. Flanked by both ancient and modern villas, Tragara culminates in the wonderful viewpoint over the Faraglioni Rocks.

Here, the bougainvillea peeks out along the promenade: it climbs the walls, frames the benches and turns into a silent witness of newborn loves. It drops like a waterfall from the pergolas and cheers up the house-entrances. It is no coincidence that in the language of flowers (i.e. florigraphy), this plant stands for a warm welcome and passion.

The Bougainvillea model is part of Capri Bloom collection, our line of flower-shaped jewelry. It is available in pendants, earrings and rings. But how about its main features? A gold frame embellishes the stretching amethyst which forms and colors the petals. With its purple shades it recalls the shades of bougainvillea. A small diamond shines in the center of the flower.

The stone has a specific meaning: it is the symbol of spiritual transformation and love and is the perfect gift for a confident woman who faces challenges with determination.

Geranio model: jewels in gold, carnelian and diamonds

The Geranium is another protagonist of spring time in Capri. You can enjoy it especially by walking along the medieval districts of Capri and Anacapri, where most houses lean against one another and there is no space for gardens and pergolas. Yet, beauty always finds its way to blossom.

Therefore, you will notice the geranium decorating balconies, terraces and courtyards. Sometimes this flower caresses colonnades and jars. The sheen of its leaves and petals gives rise to a riot of colors contrasting the white facades.

About the origins of the geranium

Even though it is part of Capri flora, this is not a native plant and it spread over time. It belongs to the Geraniacee family and comes from Southern Africa.

The first certain historical information on geraniums date back to the 1600s. This plant was discovered by a group of naturalists stationed at Cape of Good Hope. Later on, this flower was imported to Europe where it met great appreciation.

According to florigraphy, its etymology changes depending on the shade and variety: red geranium stands for encouragement, whereas the pink one means fondness. The ivy geranium, on the other hand, is associated with loyalty and strength.

The Geranium style, too, is part of Capri Bloom collection and is available in pendants, earrings and rings.

What does this flower-shaped jewel look like? Its gold frame enhances the color of the carnelian petals which, on their turn, remind the geranium shades. The diamond in the center brightens the wearer’s face and gives a last touch of uniqueness to this high jewelry work of art made in Capri.

Who is the ideal addressee of the Geranium model? Carnelian stone instills optimism, cheerfulness and vitality. This jewel is aimed to meet the tastes of a woman full of life, one who brings with her the spring and the summer warm atmosphere.

Flower-shaped jewels letting you wear spring all year round: which one do you choose?

With our flower-shaped jewels you will never miss Capri spring. Indeed, you can keep them on your skin every day, either with the Bougainvillea or the Geranio styles. If you close your eyes and walk along the paths of your memory, you can even smell the unmistakable scent of Capri flowers. Would you like to discover other models by Capri Bloom collection? Visit Mediterranee Passioni online shop and give a start to your summer.

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